Safe Sanctuaries Policy Overview


The Holiday Park United Methodist Church provides a secure and safe environment where families may worship, attend bible studies, participate in Sunday School activities and engage in fellowship with friends and other members of our community. We maintain a “Safe Sanctuaries” policy that protects all who enter our doors.

1. Screening children and youth workers: All church staff; employees, clergy, laity or volunteers; are required to complete a criminal background check and receive a child abuse clearance. This list is maintained and updated each year.

2. Two-Adult-Rule: Church sponsored gatherings, classes, programs and activities involving children and youth require two or more unrelated adults in attendance.

3. Five-Years-Older Rule: Employees, clergy, laity or volunteers must be at least five years older than the children and youth entrusted to their care.

4. Youth Volunteers: Volunteers under the age of eighteen can assist adults in church related classes and activities, however, can not be in a position of leadership.

5. Windows/Classrooms: Any room that is used as a classroom for children or youth will have a window positioned (assisted by a mirror if necessary) so that the entire classroom is visible.

6. Six Month Rule: Adult volunteers for children and youth ministries must be members of the Holiday Park United Methodist Church for at least six months before engaging in those activities.

• Our Safe Sanctuaries policies are based on the book, “Safe Sanctuaries – Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth”, written by Joy Thornburg Mellon published by Discipleship Resources.


Safe Sanctuaries