The Holiday Park United Methodist Church Pre-School provides a variety of activities throughout the day, in every class, which focus on all aspects of the young child’s development. Individual, small group and large group activities allow for social interactions among children. Fine motor and gross motor developmental skills are addressed through the use of games, music and movement, building with blocks, doing puzzles and constructing with many materials. Language skills develop as children hear and share stories, sing songs, listen to and follow directions and talk with others. Cognitive skills develop, as children are encouraged to solve problems, make choices and plan their activities and projects. Children strengthen their self-help skills by being classroom helpers, using the bathroom, washing hands, sharing snacks and learning to button, snap and zipper coats and tie shoes. Numerous opportunities for developing creative expression are available through dramatic play, art and music. As the children move into the 4-year-old classes, additional projects and activities are planned and implemented to help strengthen academic skills that are necessary for Kindergarten.